As predicted by Macworld yesterday, Apple has announced it has cut the cost of its titanium PowerBook G4 in the US. UK pricing remains unchanged, but cuts of up to £300 per model are expected.

Beginning today, US pricing for the Titanium will start at $2,199 for the 400MHz model, and $2,999 for the 500MHz model - a price drop of $400 and $500 respectively.

"At just one-inch thick and 5.3 pounds, the Titanium PowerBook G4 has redefined mobile computing and won industry wide acclaim," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior director of hardware product marketing. "Now, with this aggressive new pricing, we're offering an amazing value for the world's best notebook computer."

In the UK, the 400MHz PowerBook costs £1,899, and the 500MHz model £2,499 - both excluding VAT.

UK pricing is unlikely to change until after Monday’s Bank Holiday, but may take longer yet. Apple UK was unavailable for comment.