In the face of criticism of its high memory option pricing for the Mac mini, Apple has dropped the cost of maxing the RAM to 1GB in its new miniature desktop by £70 to £220.

The same amount of RAM is available from other online resellers for as little as £142. But the drop in price will prompt less to attempt their own RAM upgrade using scraping knives and a dash of nerve.

At present, Apple's online store is showing the 1GB RAM option as costing a whopping £560 for the entry-level 1.25GHz Mac mini. An Apple Store representative admitted that this appeared to be a mistake.

The company's online store cut £14 from the wireless bundle for the mini. An internal Bluetooth options costs £35, while AirPort Extreme is £49. But opt to buy them together, and the price drops to £69.99. (Again, the UK online store is in error, quoting £152.88 for the wireless bundle on the entry-level Mac mini.)