The editor of a U2 fan site is claiming that reports that she suggested that U2 fans are criticizing the band for "selling out" to Apple are untrue.

According to The Independent Carrie Alison, editor or, said that U2 has angered fans with its decision to sign a deal with Apple to launch a special-edition U2 iPod.

However Alison denied making such a claim when she spoke with the The Mac Observer. She said: "Pretty much everyone is darn near ecstatic about the upcoming announcement. The iPod is so popular and it is the must-have item for U2 fans. Many of our readers can't wait to buy their first iPod. The reaction has been more skewed to people being very, very excited about it. I really haven't seen many being very critical of the news, except non-U2 fans who are more skeptical."

Indeed, many U2 fans writing on Interface's forums have expressed excitement at the news.

Apple announced that a music event would be held this week, and that U2 would attend, sparking rumours that the event would see the launch of a U2 branded iPod. This iPod is expected to come preloaded with U2's new album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, as well as a selection from the group's vast back catalogue. The U2 version of the iPod is said to be black.

Apple has not confirmed whether the rumoured black iPod is true.