Apple US is offering a pair of deals to US Mac customers – but there's no news yet if they will be extended to Europe.

Apple is currently offering up to $3,000 off the cost of Shake 2.5 for Mac OS X when Mac users purchase Maya 4.5. The company is offering $2,000 off the cost of Shake, and an additional $1,000 off the cost of Shake 2.5 Render. The offer expires December 20, 2002.

Apple describes Shake as: "The production-proven choice. Major motion picture studios and high-end production houses rely on Shake's power and flexibility to get projects done on time and within budget."

The company is also offering a deal to tempt desktop publishers to move to Adobe InDesign 2.0. Dubbed the "Design Freely" deal, customers purchasing a Power Mac are entitled to a copy of InDesign 2.0 for free – a saving of $699.

Finally, the company recently began offering its "Double your memory" deal – offering to double the installed memory with any new Mac for an additional $40. This deal extends through until December 31.

Apple sources have been unable to say if any of these offers will be extended to the UK or European market. Europeans continue to await delivery of regionalized versions of iPhoto that offer support for online photo print ordering from within the application.