The scheme – which is currently only available in the US – is based on the assumption that "because Apple builds the entire video-editing solution – from hardware to software to the operating system – AppleCare can provide integrated support that you can’t get anywhere else".

Apple claims its experts provide one-stop support for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro HD, Motion, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack. Also included is troubleshooting for Apple hardware and for interconnectivity between a Mac or Xserve and an Xserve RAID, as well as assistance with DV, SD, and HD video input/output over FireWire.

The package costs $799 for a year. Apple claims the support team is on call 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The AppleCare Professional Video Support programme can be combined with the AppleCare Protection Plan (priced according to product) – thereby extending the complimentary coverage on a Mac to three years from the computer’s purchase date and allowing onsite repairs of desktop computers and global repair coverage for portable computers. Apple states that Power Mac and PowerBook customers may also enroll one Apple display for coverage, provided that the Mac and the display are purchased together.

Apple states: "When you combine AppleCare Professional Video Support with the AppleCare Protection Plan, Apple experts can help you troubleshoot your entire Apple video-editing solution — and even set up a repair — with a single call."

Apple UK is yet to confirm whether the support programme will be available in the UK.