RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser continues in his one-sided war of words with Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

His latest attack centres around the claim that Apple is deceiving customers by not telling them that iTunes songs can only be played on the iPod. Glaser has previously suggested that Apple's iPod used a "soviet model".

At the iHollywood Forum Digital Living Room conference in California Glaser said: "It doesn't say anywhere that you have to go through 57 different hoops to play a song on a different device," reports

Unfortunately for Glaser's argument, Apple does actually have an iTunes Help entry that states: "iTunes works with several music players, but songs purchased on the iTunes Music Store only play on iPod."


In addition to this, an article on Apple's Support Web site states: "To play AAC and AAC Protected songs, your iPod must have iPod Software 1.3 or later installed. Not all digital music players can play AAC songs and only iPod can play AAC Protected songs. Songs you import from an audio CD using the AAC format can be converted to MP3 files, which you can burn to MP3 CDs or play on third-party digital music players. Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store are encoded using the AAC Protected format and cannot be converted to MP3 format. You can burn them to audio CDs and play them in consumer audio CD players."

MacDailyNews asks whether Apple should really be required to "list every minor music device that doesn't work with the market-dominating online music store?"

Glaser also predicted that if Jobs sees that subscriptions work he will offer subscriptions rather than selling individual songs. Glaser said: "The day that they introduce subscriptions is the day that Steve Jobs has the brilliant revelation that subscriptions are a good thing."