Apple is beta-testing the newest iteration of its Web-based mail service for iTools users –

The beta service is available to all iTools users at

The service allows e-mail account holders to check their e-mail from within any browser. This version also lets customers set up their account to access external POP e-mail servers.

When collecting mail from such accounts, Apple's service leaves copies of the original mail on the original servers, so mail can be acessed through an e-mail client at a later date.

Mail it in Web-mail offers an address book, archival folders, the ability to search inbox messages by subject, a host of shortcuts, and 5MB of email-storage.

Other features include the ability to embed photos into emails, use signatures, and choose the number of messages to view per-page. There is also an auto-reply function.

Beta-testers are requested to email Apple with feedback. Other details are available from Apple’s site.