Apple's 20-inch Cinema Display went head to head in a battle with Dell's UltraSync 2005FPW but while Apple receives praise for a number of features, Dell's monitor eventually wins over the AnanaTech reviewer.

The review offers detailed analysis and comparison of the two monitors, and a number of positive comments are made about Apple's Cinema Display. Comparing the two monitors reviewer Kristopher Kybricki describes Apple's as "a phenomenally beautiful monitor".

Not omitting emissions

One criticism of the Dell monitor is its emissions. The reviewer writes: "After a few hours of operation, we recorded the air temperature near the exhausts of the Dell 2005FPW at 28 degrees Celsius with an ambient air temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. There are no exhausts on the Apple Cinema 20-inch display, so this test is not applicable for Apple."

Apple is also praised for its combined power cable. "The result is a very clean, no nonsense look that really complements the all aluminium bezel in only the best way possible," says the reviewer.

Dell is praised for monitor flexibility, however. "Dell might not stack up to Apple as far as cable management goes, but how important is cable management compared to monitor flexibility?" asks the reviewer. "Dell allows us to rotate to 90 degrees counterclockwise, pivot to 90 degrees in either direction and tilt 45 degrees vertically."

Intense extremes

Another area where Apple receives a lower rating is the intensity range. "The 2005FPW began to wash out at very high intensities, but our Apple Cinema 20-inch washed out at low intensities as well. Measuring how far these intensities were from the extremes, we found the Dell to be just slightly ahead of the Apple with this respect."

The Dell 2005FPW won over the reviewer who describes it as "a standard that all other monitors must adhere to for excellent ratings in our future reviews". He sums it up as a "20-inch widescreen display, with split screen over four separate inputs on a 1680x1050 resolution, all for under $500!"

Apple dropped the price of its 20-inch Cinema Display yesterday to $799 from $999 (£549 from £699).

"An incredible unit"

However, though the Apple monitor isn't the winner, it is described as "an incredible unit". "In fact", states the reviewer, "if both monitors cost the same, it would be very difficult to choose either display; Apple clearly has the aesthetic edge over its Dell counterpart and cable management is second to none.

"The Cinema display had no problem producing extraordinary results in all of our benchmarks. However, we did look at two displays today and although the Apple Cinema display brings new features to the display like Firewire 400 pass through, Dell is the 800lbs gorilla when it comes to displays," concludes the review.