Apple's resurgence continues across US campuses, with a recent survey suggesting 40 per cent of students there plan to buy a Mac.

AppleInsider has the skinny on research by investment bank Morgan Stanley. Researchers claim the company has achieved the kind of mind share among younger generations of users that will eventually spur further market share gains as the Mac generation of students begin to work for real.

Apple currently holds 15 per cent of the US student market the report claims, observing the company to be in the running to deliver a strong recession-busting September quarter, driven by sales to sector.

"Longer term," analyst Katy Huberty said, "we see an 'aging phenomenon' that will put Apple in a more mainstream market share position as students enter the work force, much like Linux adoption in the 1998-2003 time frame."

The analyst offered a $185 per-share target price on the company's stock, warning this could rise to $225 per share if Apple sees better than expected success in iPhone and enterprise sales.