Apple has moved to prevent UK resellers employing the word Apple in elements of their online advertising, reports claim.

Macworld UK has been approached by multiple sources, who claim that their attempts to use Google's AdWords service to promote their businesses have been frustrated by Apple's actions.

AdWords is a paid for service delivered by the search engine giant that offers up paid-for content when surfers search for a specific term. In other words, if a surfer is searching for the term 'Apple', or a search including that name, Googles AdWord servers also deliver a number of ads for services that have paid to associate their products with that name.

However, reports claim Apple has reached an agreement with Google under which third parties - including the company's own aligned resellers, cannot acquire that term to sue to help them build business.

Other terms, such as 'Mac', 'Macintosh', 'Apple Mac' and others have not been limited: this means surfers searching for such terms will actually also see paid for results for companies that have signed-up for AdWords to the right of their browser window.

Speaking off-the-record, resellers have complained that Apple's move to control use of its name is "hindering" them, saying it effectively supports Apple's own online retail store at their expense.

Apple has been approached to comment on this story.