Apple has denied that it will release its new all-white iBook in a range of colours and with a larger screen at Macworld Expo, New York in July.

The company’s Taiwanese manufacturing partner Alpha Top leaked the story to Bloomberg News.

The claims stem from comments made by Alpha Top spokesman Wang Hsin-wu. Apple is a major customer of the firm, the report points out. Business with Apple is expected to add $24 million to Alpha Top’s profit this year.

Apple watchers remain sceptical of the move, believing it unlikely that the newly revised product will be changed within six weeks of its original release. Others speculate that Apple’s PowerBook G4 may instead be introduced in a variety of colours – a move which would fit in with rumours that circulated soon after the product’s release.

"The Alpha-Top spokesperson quoted in the article was incorrect in regard to Apple's iBook plans. What he said is not true," an Apple spokesperson told MacCentral.