Investor's Business Daily has published an in-depth piece looking at the part Brit-born designer Jonathan Ive has played in Apple's return to grace.

The report is part of the title's regular 'Leaders and Success' series, in which individuals are recognized for their inspiration and innovation.

It begins in 1997, when Apple was losing vast sums of cash, and Wired ran an issue with Apple on the cover and the single word: "Pray".

It examines the introduction of the iMac, which it recognizes as re-inventing the computer industry. "Traditionally, people fit themselves to the machine," he told the San Jose Mercury News in 2002, "now, the new iMac fits you," he said.

The introduction of the product transfomed Apple's place in the computer industry, enabling the company to regain its reputation as an industry innovator, the report says.

"In a company that was born to innovate, the risk is in not innovating," Ive told Apple Media Arts editor Delphine Hirasuna. "The real risk is to think it is safe to play it safe."