Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in late June will see the company talk openly about its technology direction.

Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations Ron Okamoto is seeing a change in the developers coming to the platform. He said: "There has been a heck of a lot more attention (from enterprise IT developers) than in the past".

The company's developer congregation is expanding. In an interview with Ecommerce Times today Okamoto observes: "That's not the only area where folks have started to look at OS X as a platform on which to build applications. The open-source community more and more is seeing open-source projects being built on OS X. We are also seeing activity from Java developers who have been coming to the platform."

He describes a terrain in which Apple is attracting ever more developers with cross-platform experience, along with its established following of Mac and Windows developers, Apple's strategic initiatives are attracting those with Java, Unix and Open Source experience. "We offer a rich set of solutions" as a result, he says.

Apple's WWDC brings developers from all around the world together for a week when Apple offers them a close and open insight into "all aspects of OS X development". This year WWDC will also offer dedicated topic-based sessions and labs, including one for enterprise IT.

The company is attracting more interest from that sector, he said: "It's really good to see how many (developers) are engaged in enterprise and IT development. It's a leading indicator to where the solutions on the map are coming from," he said.

This year's event will be an opportunity for Apple to consolidate its relationship with new and existing developers, and to "get new people on-board through evangelism," Okamoto told Ecommerce TImes.

"At this year's WWDC, you will see us take deliberate moves to make sure that this information is proliferated and that the pockets of knowledge within the development community are shared with others so that people can keep moving their projects forward," he said.