Apple has launched a developer's Web page dedicated to Mac users building high performance computing solutions that harness the company's technologies.

The high-performance computing resource offers links to related computational content, including news coverage, technical resources and an in-depth Ars Technica page looking at the PowerPC 970 processor used in the companies current generation of Power Macs.

Special relevance is clear from the content marshalled on the page to Apple's focus on offering developers of high-end scientific and enterprise applications, as the company continues its work to evangelize application development, particularly for its server systems. Apple needs established enterprise development houses to offer Mac solutions in order to add to the allure of its sever solutions, Xserve, Xserve RAID and xSAN.

Introducing the page, the company asks: "Do you have computational tasks too large for a single machine? Are you trying to model biological molecules, or render a 3D movie? Are you trying to move your app from a supercomputer down to a cluster?"