HyperCard – Apple's programming environment for Mac OS 9 and earlier – has been removed from Apple's Web site.

HyperCard was originally released with System 6 in 1987 and was a visual database system and programming environment for custom application development. According to ByteCellar, it was one of the very first applications to implement the concept of hypertext-hyperlinking-hypermedia.

HyperCard was a free download to all Mac users. According to the definition in the Wikipedia encylopedia: "It can be used for all sorts of hypertext and artistic purposes. Before the advent of PowerPoint, HyperCard was often used as a general purpose presentation program. Examples of HyperCard applications include simple databases, choose your own adventure-type games, and educational teaching aids."

The original version of Myst, the Voyager Company's Expanded Books, and multimedia CD-ROMs of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, the Beatles' A Hard Days Night, and the Voyager MacBeth, were created in HyperCard.