Defying marketshare several Apple products are featured in Cnet's Top 100 Tech Products list, announced today.

Apple sees its desktop and notebook Macs, its software, and music products appear in the list. Seven Apple products feature in the list.

The company's iLife '04 is recognized as the Best Digital Media Suite, while its 40GB iPod is acknowledged as the Best Overall MP3 Player.

Apple's iTunes Music Store is declared the Best Online Music Service, and the iPod mini gains recognition as the Best Ultraportable Hard Drive Player, despite only being launched in the US last month.

Other Apple products get recognized: the Power Mac G5 is the Best Desktop For Creative Pros, while the PowerBook G4 is Best Apple Notebook, and Final Cut Pro 4 is the Best Mac Video-Editing Software.

Cnet describes iLife '04 as "seamlessly integrating five excellent digital media applications into the multimedia equivalent of an office suite." It concludes: "iLife is a must-have."

Of the iPod, Cnet says: "If you're looking for the best, most-sophisticated music machine on the block, the iPod is still singing your tune."

The iPod mini "continues the company's tradition of fine portable-audio products", it says, explaining, "The 4GB iPod Mini boasts notable improvements, including a smaller size, a better scrollwheel, and a cheaper price."

The iTunes Music Store "successfully bridges the gap between laissez-faire file-swapping applications and for-fee music-subscription services". The report says that "the iTunes Music Store makes digital music feel fun again".

Discussing Apple's new Power Mac G5, Cnet says: "It finally lives up to its powerful name. It's no wonder that the G5 was one of the most-anticipated products of 2003."