Apple has decided to drop its contentious case against online news journalists at Apple Insider and O'Grady's PowerPage.

The company has decided not to appeal against the recent judgement in the case which favoured the US writers.

Apple had been arguing to force the sites to revel the identities of the Apple staff who passed trade secrets to them. Journalists argued that they had a First Amendment right to protect the confidentiality of their sources, which the US courts agreed with.

Apple sued several unnamed individuals, referred to in court proceedings as “Does,” for leaking information concerning a still unseen product called 'Asteroid'.

The company had subpoenaed the publishers of the sites and their ISPs in an attempt to force them to reveal the identities of their sources.

However, the judge's declared: "Apple has failed to establish that it adequately pursued other possible means to identify the source of the information in question." The company was not permitted to take a short cut through a journalist to uncover its own internal leak.