Apple has won high praise from Advertising Age, which has declared the company 'Marketer of the year'.

A special report describes Apple as "an innovative company that changes consumers' lives".

It describes the impact of Apple's products across the world – from iPod DJ parties in New York to the impact of its notebook technologies in the classroom. "The genius of Apple is that its brand has come to embody a lifestyle," it reports. "Apple resonates with consumers across generations and international boundaries," it says, adding that the company "expects to sell" its entire inventory of iPods this Christmas.

"Apple has proved itself a great marketer. It has achieved incredible levels of brand loyalty and created an army of evangelist users." It has done this through shrewd advertising and a focus on the consumer.

Praising Apple CEO Steve Jobs as an innovator capable of identifying what consumers will "need tomorrow," the report confirms Jobs to have clung to his original aims for Apple to make products that "change people's lives."


Lee Clow, who worked on Apple's 1984 ad says: "Steve just understands what he wants the brand to be. He has a very rigorous view of Apple's tone of voice and the way it talks with people – it's not exotic. It's very human, very accessible."

The extensive report, which carries praise from across the industry, approves of Apple's path of offering products that complement each other.

However, the report also points out that Jobs' sometimes-autocratic nature, which means he leaves little space for dissent, can be considered a flaw in his management style.

"You have to be really smart to have the nerve to give him that kind of feedback," says Clow, "On certain days, I can give it."