As part of its continuing bid to corner the education market, Apple has announced three education-oriented products: PowerSchool SIS V3.0; the Apple Digital Campus Curriculum; and the Apple Learning Interchange.

The announcements were made yesterday at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2002, held in San Antonio, Texas.

PowerSchool SIS V3.0 allows teachers to monitor and manage student records and make data-driven decisions to improve schools’ performance.

New features to this version include an Integrated Master Schedule Builder, with several automated schedule-building features; an enhanced user interface; support for Mac OS X clients; and updates to the PowerGrade gradebook that allow teachers to drag-&-drop students’ photos into online seating charts.

Pricing for the software is not yet available.

Training and research The Apple Digital Campus Curriculum provides teachers with project-based curricula and assignments. Courses include ten days of hands-on training with a year of online mentoring, training, and support. The first two courses available are Web Communication and Design, and Video Journalism.

The Apple Learning Interchange , is an online resource for “teaching, learning, research, and collaboration.” It uses video to showcase education practices such as digital-video for presentations; online lesson plans; assessment tools; and research resources.

As part of its drive into the education market, Apple recently launched the eMac, featuring a 17-inch CRT and a 700MHz PowerPC G4 processor. It was originally intended for the exclusive use of teachers, but was later made available to all.