Apple has updated the online version of its UK Apple Store.

The store adds such features as details of an expected dispatch date it the point where shoppers select a product. For example the Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5GHz is "usually dispatched 1 – 3 Weeks" while the iPod mini is "usually dispatched within 24 hours" (at other places on the Web site the iPod mini is listed as "usually dispatched: 8 days").

Other new features include a Do You Need Anything Else page in which Apple lists other related products and Best Sellers.

It is now necessary to input a password before entering the store, and credit card details must be entered before proceeding to checkout, although the Shopping Basket can be edited at any point in the process.

Apple does not appear to have added the ability to rate and review products to the UK store. This feature was added to the US store when it was recently revamped.