Apple faces more accusations pertaining to price with 2,800 users demanding the company harmonise its European prices.

Customers complain that the company charges European consumers far more than its US ones, the Evening Standard reports. And consumers across Europe want Apple to bring prices in line with US dollar exchange rates.

Apple's entry-level Mac mini sells at £339 in the UK (including VAT) - or around $634. The equivalent model costs $499 in the US - or around £267 - but it is important to note that the US price does not include sales tax, unlike in the UK.

Adding a 17.5 per cent notional VAT figure makes for a better comparison: based on the £267 US equivalent price this notional price would be £313 - just £26 less than UK customers pay.

Apple representatives told Macworld UK that the company faces some extra shipping costs in taking the product to the UK, and explained that it needs a cushion to protect against currency fluctuations,

An online petition has so far gathered over 2,800 signatures asking Apple to harmonise prices further.