Apple leading light Jon Rubinstein doesn't believe all digital devices will converge and become one single Swiss Army knife techno-gadget.

Rubinstein, who is a senior vice president and executive team member, was speaking to Germany's Berline Online magazine, as reported by AppleInsider.

"Many companies believe in [the convergence theory], but I personally do not," he said, adding: "It's important to have specialized devices."

Mobile madness

The Apple senior observes that digital cameras take better pictures, and that most people don't use their mobile phone to do that job as a first response.

Rubinstein confirms Apple to be watching the response to the recently-released ROKR iTunes phone, which he calls "no replacement for an iPod".

In enigmatic style he parries questions about whether Apple plans to create its own mobile phone, AppleInsider reports.

Precise ecosystem mooted

On losing its advantage in digital music he echoes company CEO Steve Jobs last week.

"The iPod looks like a piece of hardware, but it's not. It's software. And iTunes is the best jukebox and iTunes Music Store is the best digital music distribution service," Jobs said.

Speaking in Germany, Rubinstein called the iPod: "A whole ecological system of different elements which coordinate with each other precisely: the iPod, iTunes, iTunes Music Store and Internet."

He also dismisses a foray into the PDA market as "not a good business for Apple".