Apple is preparing to open its first international retail stores outside the US in Tokyo's trendy Ginza shopping district.

The company hasn't yet announced plans to open stores in other areas internationally – but Apple chief financial officer Fred Anderson came close, when he announced Apple's financial results last week.

Responding to analysts questions – whether Apple plans to open stores in other regions – he said: "We don't have anything to share with you beyond that, I think we'll proceed internationally very slowly and take it one at a time here, so the only thing we have committed to right now is the first international store in Tokyo."

Apple's "first international store" will open in Tokyo before the "end of the calendar year", Anderson said.

"We're extremely excited about our Tokyo store opening, we have a huge installed base (in Japan), particularly in the consumer market there," he said.

Apple's retail store segment returned its first-ever profit in Apple's last quarter with $1 million, in addition to an undisclosed amount of manufacturing profit – essentially, the profit Apple makes on selling kit to any reseller.

Average per-store revenue rose from $2.6 million last quarter to $3.1 million per store, while 4.3 million people visited the stores.