This week's MusicWeek is carrying an iTunes-focused interview with Apple vice president of applications, Eddie Cue.

Speaking at German music industry event, PopKomm, Cue discussed a wide number of topics, including: Apple's relationship with Europe's independent labels; its success in the three territories it is available in today; the HP iPod deal; music services on mobiles; Microsoft's debut in the industry; and subscription versus a la carte download services.

Cue admits that Apple has learned the importance of local content to the digital download market, admitting: "We aren't experts yet". He adds that Apple is "very pleased" with its sales in Germany and the UK. "You need broadband connectivity", he observes.

On Apple's stormy relationship with Europe's independent labels, Cue admits that the company's not fast enough at adding new labels to the service, but says, "We will keep adding them as quickly as we can".

Cue also agrees there's major opportunities in the mobile music space, but believes the networks aren't yet "that great" for supporting such services. "We view the mobile market as expanding our market, not as being competitive to the iPod," he said.

The Consumer's Association has accused Apple of overcharging on tracks. Cue says Apple is passing on costs generated by the labels, and hints that he would like to see a pan-European licensing agreement on the part of the labels.

The full and extensive interview is available now in good newsagents. MusicWeek costs £4.