Apple is seeking to explode common Mac-myths generated by Windows users, via a special page on its US Web site.

Headlined A special message to Windows users, it tackles the five most common misconceptions about the Mac platform:

Everyone uses Windows Apple reveals that across the globe, 25 million people use Macs in their homes, offices and schools every day.

Macs don't work with PCs Apple explains that "every day, millions of documents, emails and instant messages are sent between Macs and PCs and that Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations are exchanged".

The software I need isn’t available for Macs. Apple states that there are over 15,000 applications available for the Mac, and those that aren't can be run using VirtualPC

Macs don’t run Microsoft Office. "Quite the opposite," says Apple, adding that "not only does a brand-new version of Microsoft Office run on the Mac, but – and this is according to the company that made it - Office v.X for Mac OS X is actually better than its Windows cousin".

Windows has caught up with the Mac "Mac OS X has sent them back to the drawing boards, Apple says. "Particularly with respect to graphics, everything digital (like music, movies and photography), ease of use and elegance."

And in response to the claim that Macs are far easier to use than PCs, Apple says merely: "Guilty as charged."