RadTech has announced its PodSleevz for fourth-generation iPods.

The company also announced OmniCleanz, a cleaning solution for display screens.

The form-fitting new PodSleevz are available in a range of colours, and feature the company's innovative play-through-case design. RadTech uses optical grade material (Optex) to make its cases.

John Greskowiak, chief engineer for RadTech said: "A lot of hard work went into developing an aesthetically pleasing case that not only protects, but is also unobtrusive. People can use their iPod just as they normally would, playing it right through the case, almost as if it wasn’t even there."

Touch me, feel me, clean me

OmniCleanz ships from September 20. The company said: "Our cleaning fluid functions as a molecular release agent and pre-coating cleaner for high-end optical applications where critical, one-micron or finer cleaning is essential. OmniCleanz cleans at such a deep level, it actually cleans what other cleaners leave behind. Many computer cleaners contain polymers which leave streaking residues behind. OmniCleanz removes charged particulates, helping to control static and leaves behind an ultra-clean surface."

The substance is also good for cleaning CDs, DVDs and more. UK pricing not yet available.