Apple has published a page on its UK Web portal that details third-party product announcements at last week's Apple Expo, Paris.

Short items relating to each third-party partner relate brief details regarding announcements made at Apple's European event. Apple itself introduced new PowerBook G4 configurations during the event. It also announced wireless keyboards and mice at the show.

The latter products use Bluetooth, and are equipped with Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AHF), a new technology which makes the low-level radio signal between a Mac and its peripheral more robust against low-level interference in that waveband. Unfortunately, the new technology requires existing Bluetooth users employing the Mac-compatible D-Link Bluetooth connector introduced in 2002 to re-invest in yet another adaptor to use the new Apple peripherals. No clear upgrade for early adopters has been made available.

Apple's third-party partners have been busy too. Abvent introduced PhotoCAD 1.0, which enables the creation of complete panoramas. Caldera launched an optimized version of Caldera Graphics suite a professional imaging suite for visual communications, and UK firm, EuroTalk, introduced Mac OS X versions of its language-learning software.

18 partners are described on Apple's third-party products pages.