Apple VP Phil Schiller has offered reassurance that the iMac will not be severely delayed.

He told MacCentral: "We are certainly working hard to deliver it. Anytime we announce availability, we are going with the best information of what we believe will happen – we believe we will ship in mid-September. I do think it will be very popular and we are at the beginning of the ramp, so, of course it's going to be constrained at the beginning.

"There are a few products we introduce in advance of availability and they are very memorable. We introduced the original iMac months before it was made available, but that's not because we weren't ready or had a problem, we decided to tell the world so they would know what was coming. We are so often beat up for the opposite, which is, 'will you please tell us what's happening' and when we do, we get beat up for doing that."

However, as the Times reported: "The announcement was marred by the revelation that Apple dealers have been told to expect a "trickle" or "non-existent" supply of iMac G5s until late November or early December.