Bare Bones Software has shipped BBEdit 8.0.

This major upgrade to the company's HTML-and-text editor offers a claimed 100 new features and enhancements with a focus on "productivity".

Such new features include a Documents Drawer and Navigation Bar interface, Text Factories for automated text=-processing, alongside improved Unicode support, better HTML mark-up tools, and more.

Company CEO Rich Siegel said: "For version 8.0, we have distilled our years of Mac development experience and customer feedback into a set of exciting new features to enhance our customers' productivity."

The product offers new interface options, so multiple documents can be opened in a single window, and to make it easier to navigate between documents. The Documents Drawer provides a list of open documents in a given window, and switches between them with a single command, a Navigation Bar also provides an easy way to navigate.

BBEdit has also introduced Text Factory, a way to apply BBEdit's tools across multiple files and folders. Users can use Text Factory to build a list of indivvidual text-processing options and apply them in order over designated documents. No scripting is required, though the feature will work with Apple Script or Unix Scripts.

New Preview Server support lets users preview pages that require processing by a server before rendering. An integrated HTML Tidy Tool will clean up HTML code.

Additional significant improvements across the product have been made, including: Better Unicode support; better file searching and replacement; integration with Perforce software; enhanced CSS mark-up tools; a flexible HTML syntax checker; enhanced Perl and Unix tools and more.

A demo of the new product is available for download now, it costs $199.