Elgato has released a "feature-rich" free software update, EyeTV 1.8.3.

The software update lets owners of Elgato's digital EyeTV products add digital radio stations to their EyeTV channel lists.

This means users can listen to, record, edit and export their favourite radio stations, even recording them to play back later on an iPod.

The software also offers a new "Burn with Toast" command. Using Toast 7 users can burn EyeTV recordings directly using drag-&-drop.

Toast's "Disc Spanning" feature, which lets users back up and restore individual EyeTV recordings or entire libraries is also supported.

Also appearing in the Apple Expo upgrade is a new "Progressive Scan" feature, which activates advanced motion detection and doubles the frame rate to deliver better picture quality for MPEG-2 recordings and live streams.

The software also adds support for the Miglia EvolutionTV digital video recorder.

The following products support digital radio: EyeTV for DTT, EyeTV 400, EyeTV 410, EyeTV 300, EyeTV 310, EasyWatch MobilSet, EyeTV 610