FileMaker plans to concentrate its developmental resources on Mac OS X, abandoning Mac OS 9 development, the company has announced.

The current version of the software, FileMaker 6, will be the last iteration for Mac OS 9. FileMaker president Dominique Gouptil said: "FileMaker sees strong adoption of Mac OS X among customers and developers, and by focusing on Mac OS X we can harness and deliver its benefits. 41 per cent of those using FileMaker on Mac OS are already running on OS X. That's a remarkable adoption rate," he observed.

The news follows Apple CEO Steve Jobs' announcement that from January new Macs would no longer be able to boot up in Mac OS 9.

Explaining the decision, Jobs said: "We now have over 3 million active Mac OS X users, and are right on target for 5 million users by the end of the year - 20 per cent of our installed user base."

He continued: "Because of the success of Mac OS X, we are going to take the next step in the transition."

Jobs affirmed: "It takes an awful lot of energy to support two operating systems." Jobs added, such support costs developers time and money, too. "From January 1, 2003, we are taking the next big step in the transition," he said.