FileMaker has announced FileMaker Server 7 Advanced.

This product is an enhanced version of FileMaker Server 7 equipped with advanced Web publishing and connectivity optionsin order to manage shared databases for desktop and Web clients. It also offers all the features of FileMaker Server 7.

The product provides simultaneous database hosting for up to 100 Web-based clients and 250 desktop clients within one easy-to-use application. The software also lets developers integrate FileMaker databases with other applications, using standard industry-0accepted connectivity options, such as XML or ODBC.

Web data publishing

Database owners wanting to publish their data online can do so with "just a few clicks and no modifications", the company said. That data can then be shared with up to 100 users with an ordinary browser, which is 20 times more than possible using Instant Web Publishing in FileMaker Pro 7.

The software also provides Custom Web Publishing. This feature is enabled with a Site Assistant Wizard, so users can serve FileMaker Pro data to Web sites or to established Web design tools, such as Dreamweaver MX.

FileMaker emerges as high-end data option

Digital Software Solutions designer, Dan Stein, said: “The ODBC connectivity in FileMaker Server 7 Advanced is a quantum leap in both functionality and performance. Performance was on par with the SQL database. The complex SQL queries were handled well. The new ODBC driver and server connectivity adds tremendous value to FileMaker Server 7 Advanced combined with the ability to serve multiple roles in an enterprise environment, on the Web and in data interchange.”

FileMaker Server 7 Advanced costs £1,650. It's available for Mac OS X, Mac OS
X Server, Windows 2000 Server SP4, and Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.

Over 10 million copies shipped

In related news, FileMaker today announced it has shipped over ten million copies of its eponymnously-named product.

"Originally launched in April 1984 as one of the first desktop database applications, FileMaker Pro has evolved into the best-selling, cross-platform workgroup database - used by both small organizations and large enterprises," the company said.

“The goals that inspired the birth of FileMaker 20 years ago have become the success factors that are driving its popularity today - ease-of-use, flexibility, and power,” said Dominique Goupil, president of FileMaker.