Griffin Technology is demonstrating a trio of new products at Apple Expo, Paris.

The company used the event to announce its iTalkPro, iKaraoke and TuneCenter products, all three will be available "in the next few months", the company said.

iTalk Pro is a new recording add-on for the iPod, which plugs into the dock connector. The device features two built-in microphones which sample stereo sound at 44.1kHz in either 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono. Users can also connect another microphone using the stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) input jack housed on the device.

iKaraoke turns your iPod into a portable karaoke machine. It consists of a microphone that plugs into your iPod which you sing into. The solution has a switch, which, when invoked, fades a track's existing vocals into the background, while leaving instruments and backing vocals intact, so you can sing along. There's also a built-in FM tuner which lets users send their singalongs to a stereo system or radio.

iKaraoke offers three levels of reverb to help blend vocals and accompaniment for the best possible results.

Finally, the company is demonstrating its TuneCenter mini-dock, a product that was first revealed at Macworld Expo in January. This dock lets users watch videos, listen to music or look at their images using a TV screen and speakers. All features are remote-controlled, with navigation visible on the TV, the device also hosts WiFi access so can also be uses as a tuner to connect to thousands of internet radio stations.