As announced this morning, Apple has revamped its iBook range.

iBooks now come with FireWire ports and iMovie 2 as standard. Four separate iBooks in three colours now exist, two in the standard range, and two Special Edition models.

Colour The standard iBook comes in Indigo and Key Lime - Key Lime is only available from the Apple Store. There’s been a speed increase - the standard model now runs on a 366Mhz PowerPC G3 processor, and has a 10GB hard drive, a 400Mbps FireWire port, 24x CD-ROM drive and an AV port, which offers audio and composite video output. The standard iBook comes pre-equipped with ATI’s Rage Mobility 128 controller and 8MB RAM. It costs $1,499.

The Special Edition (SE) iBooks are available in Graphite and Key Lime. Once again, Key Lime is only available from the Apple Store. The iBook SE runs at 466Mhz on a G3 processor. The special edition iBooks are available with a 10GB hard-drive, a FireWire port, a DVD-ROM drive, an AV port for both audio and composite video output and ATI’s Rage Mobility 128 graphics accelerator. The iBook SE costs $1,799.

All the iBooks continue to offer a 256K level 2 cache, a 12.1-inch active-matrix TFT display, up to six hours battery life, and AirPort support. A 56K modem and USB and Ethernet ports are also included.