Apple has shipped its OS X 10.2 calendar program, iCal. It is ready for drag-&-drop download from your iDisk now.

Users can “publish” their iCal calendars on the Web, so contacts can “subscribe” and view them in iCal on their own Mac. In addition, iCal can automatically check for updates to imported calendars on a regular basis, so shared calendars are always up to date.

iCal is available immediately as a free download at, and requires Mac OS X v10.2. It is also just a drag-&-drop away for .Mac users, who will find iCal on their iDisk in the Apple Software folder.

Breakthrough dates “iCal lets you see all the calendars that make up your life,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, during his keynote at Macworld Expo New York - where iCal was announced. iCal officially started shipping this morning, announced by Jobs at Apple Expo Paris.

“Never before has it been so easy to manage all the calendars in your life,” said Jobs today. “iCal features a breakthrough way to share calendars over the Internet – with colleagues, friends, family, customers, suppliers, students and parents.”

iCal is available exclusively for Mac OS X version 10.2
With iCal, Mac users can: keep track of schedules, appointments and tasks, viewing activities by day, week or month; manage and view multiple calendars at once from within one unified window to easily identify schedule conflicts or free time at-a-glance; publish calendars on the web to share with colleagues, family and friends; subscribe to other calendars to keep up with work schedules, family events, school events and more; send standards-based email event invitations; organize and keep track of activities with built-in To Do list management; be notified of upcoming events on screen, by email or text messaging to a mobile phone or pager; and quickly find any event, task or name entered into iCal using its lightning-fast search tool.