Apple has posted a small collection of images taken at Apple Expo, Paris.

The company calls it: "Europe's largest and most prestigious Mac-dedicated event". It takes place at Porte de Versailles in Paris and runs until September 24.

Apple claims the event is: "Shaping up to be one of the biggest and best ever staged".

Show highlights detailed on the Macworld UK site include:

Apple Expo: Jobs on iPods and Apple secrecy

Apple Expo: Jobs on mobile music and living room PCs

Apple Expo: Steve Jobs, 'excellence' is Apple's 'secret sauce'

Apple Expo: Apple CEO Steve Jobs slams "greedy" labels

Apple Expo: Steve Jobs talks Macintosh

Apple Expo: Microsoft updates Mac Office 2004

Apple Expo: Harman takes it to The Bridge

Apple Expo: Affordable Office alternative ships

Apple Expo: Auto movie-making tool ships

Apple Expo: USB 2 keyboard launched

Apple Expo: UK developer in new product salvo

Apple Expo: Mac security system ships