Apple CEO Steve Jobs has a reputation as a showman but in private is as shrewd as a Vegas poker-player, at least that's what The Guardian's Bobbie Johnson found.

Johnson achieved a rare interview with the famously media recalcitrant Jobs in Paris this week. He describes Jobs as a man in possession of: "patience, self-belief, bravado - and, most importantly, the ability to ride a streak of luck".

"In person he is quiet, determined and relatively inscrutable," Johnson observes.

Jobs discussed Apple's luck with its iPod and stressed that luck is only half the battle - to really accomplish success you have to "exploit" such good fortune. It's vital to stay ahead when "We have world-class competitors trying to kill us," the report observes.

"There's a very strong DNA within Apple, and that's about taking state-of-the-art technology and making it easy for people," Jobs said. He defines his market as busy people who "don't want to read the manual".

The report promises new iPods "on the way", and adds a Jobs promise of "a lot of new things in the pipeline".

The full interview is available on The Guardian's website.