Consumers are likely to see the newly redesigned iMac as a close relative of the iPod because the design much more closely mimics the iPod than the angle-poise iMac design, according to industry analysts.

Technology Business Research analyst Tim Deal told MacCentral: "The new iMac's design is reminiscent of the iPod screen and I am certain that this was intentional. With the iPod taking a prominent role in Apple's product strategy, it makes sense to capitalize on the iPod's familiar form."

Jupiter Research Senior Analyst Joe Wilcox told MacCentral: "The new iPod positioning and even iPod-like look show how serious Apple is about selling computers, but wisely by associating the new iMac with the successful music player. Apple's hidden message is that if you buy an iPod you really need a cool Mac to go with it."

But Apple VP Phil Schiller emphasizes that the iMac is not hiding behind the iPod, nor is the iPod overshadowing the iMac. He told MacCentral "It's meant to express a couple of things – it's not to hide behind the iPod or to downplay the Mac at all. Since we designed the iMac, a lot has happened at Apple – probably the most influential thing that has happened in years is the iPod, both in terms of product design and having greater reach in the marketplace. It's still an iMac, it's still what an iMac is about."