A selection of new iPod peripherals are appearing at Apple Expo, Paris.

Matias yesterday announced its Clear iPod Armour mini, a secure carrying case for the iPod mini. The product has a clear plastic front, so you can admire the design of the music player, with an aluminium back, for protection. The protective carapace also integrates docking port access. US price is $34.95.

"We wanted to offer iPod mini owners a less expensive option that still provided great protection and convenience. Voilà: the Clear iPod Armor mini case," said Vesna Vojnic, marketing manager for Matias.

"It is the same design as our high-end, all-aluminum iPod Armor minA case, but with a plastic front, so now you can see how great your iPod mini looks."

Griffin Technology announced a new iPod product at Apple Expo, its PodPod Soft Auto Cradle for iPods and iPod minis.

The Griffin PodPod is made of soft foam and designed to fit snugly inside any automobile cup holder. It ships next month and costs $9.99.

XtremeMac announced Talking Panda iLingo, its language translation software for iPod at Apple Expo. This employs the iPod Notes feature and furnishes over 450 words and phrases. Words/phrases are visible on-screen and can be heard on request.

Three versions are available initially: English-Euro Pack (English to Spanish, Italian, German and French); French-Euro Pack (French to Spanish, Italian, German and English); and the English-Asia Pack (English to Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The packs cost $39.95 each.