A new powerful authentication system for Macs debuts at Apple Expo Paris this week.

Established corporate authentication provider CryptoCard has built CRYPTO-Server 6.3 for OS X. It will be exhibited at Booth 22 at the show.

The product is: "Designed to make it simple to positively identify all Panther and Tiger users attempting LAN, VPN (Apple or Cisco), or Web-based (Apache) access", according to the company.

The solution couples user-held hardware "keys" (a multi-function smart card, USB token, hardware token, or software token), with a secret code to deliver a simple-to-use yet secure gateway to top secret company networks.

It also offes a "Fast User Switching" function so multiple users can securely access the Mac, using smart cards or tokens - in a stand-alone or networked environment.

The solution generates a one-time password for every log-on attempt, making stolen credentials useless to hackers while ensuring users don't have to memorize complex codes.

Malcolm MacTaggart, president and CEO of CryptoCard said: "Crypto-Server 6.3 makes it simple for Tiger and Panther users, particularly in the traditional Mac strongholds of the health, legal, higher education, and printing/publishing/multimedia sectors, to provide true ATM-style 'One-PIN-and-You're-In' enterprise-class strong user authentication for LAN, VPN, Web, or remote system access."

The company will be selling its new product at the show.