Apple Expo Paris saw attendance decline this year.

Europe's major Mac event attracted 46,210 visitors this year. This contrasts to the 56,545 visitors who turned up for the show in 2005.

These numbers are a far cry from the 80,000 Mac users who attended Apple Expo in 2000.

Despite the reduced numbers, Apple Expo continues to dwarf Apple's US show: Macworld Expo San Francisco attracted 38,441 people this year (up from 35,989 in 2005). Meanwhile, MacExpo in London attracts in the region of 25,000 visits, MacGeneration claims.

The reasons for the steady decline in attendance are evident: Apple failed to offer a keynote this year, and Apple summoned Europe's press to London, not Paris, for its 'Showtime' event on 12 September.

MacGeneration also describes poor advertising for the event in Paris and observes that new Apple products, such as the new iPods, were not on show at Apple Expo on day one.