Ovolab has released Phlink 1.5.

Phlink is a telephony product for Macs that the manufacturers claim turns a Mac into a, "powerful answering machine and telephone information centre".

Phlink's offers personalised answer machine messages, plays caller-specific ringtones, and can send voice messages by email.

The new version of the product introduces support for Caller ID, which is built on Rendezvous and allows caller information to be broadcast across the local Mac network: when a call comes in Phlink offers a pop-up windows with such caller info.

The company has combined Apple's zero configuration networking technology with other Phlink features, too, including: caller announcement, caller forwarding and caller notifications.

Version 1.5 of Ovolab Phlink is available now. The product is available from the Ovolab online store for $149.95, or 129.95 Euros, plus tax and shipping. The product consists of the software, a USB telephone adaptor, and needs Mac OS X 10.2 or later.