Quark announced Quark Publishing System 3 Classic Edition (QPS Classic 3) at Apple Expo, Paris - with a series of OS X features.

This professional publishing product offers full support for XPress 6 and OS X. Previous versions of the solution are currently used by 50,000 workers in publishing, the company claims.

Quark said: "This is an out-of-the-box solution that provides a cross-platform collaborative tool with simple, status-based workflow and routing capabilities that can be easily adapted to different publishing environments."

It means multiple users can work on different elements of an XPress page or Web layout, including content and page design elements at the same time. The production process can be distributed to editorial, design, Web and production users, with a series of interactive alerts in place to keep users informed.

Apple and Quark - happier together

Quark's senior vice president of product development Jurgen Kurz said: "QPS Classic 3 combines the award-winning workgroup publishing solution with Mac OS X and the new features of QuarkXPress 6. With QPS Classic 3, customers can work with mixed print and Web layouts, synchronized text as well as assign tables as articles and edit them using QuarkCopyDesk."

The release marks a major rapprochement between Apple and Quark, he explained: "Working closely with Apple, we have put special focus on ensuring a smooth migration to Mac OS X, and have certified QuarkDispatch server on Apple's Xserve G5. Features such as the ability to check in QPS 1 and QPS 2 configuration files to QuarkDispatch 3, and the ability to replicate files from QuarkDispatch 2.2 to QuarkDispatch 3, combined with the flexibility to deploy on Xserve G5s will make the transition for our customers easy and cost effective."

Product details

The software provides built-in revision control for various file types, allowing users to see previous versions of QuarkXPress layouts or QuarkCopyDesk articles. QPS Classic provides tight control over file access by defining roles and assigning privileges throughout the workflow

The product's built on XPress 6, offering full support for the features of that application, along with support for layers, TCP/IP, support for large files and migration tools.

CopyDesk is text-editing software that offers what you see is what you get views of articles with pictures of the page elements.

QPS Classic 3 is available now. Customers with current Quark maintenance agreements will receive the upgrade free. Specific pricing for new installations is assessed on a per-seat basis.