The adoption of Apple’s Rendezvous networking technology is accelerating at pace, the company has announced at Apple Expo Paris.

Manufacturers Philips, Canon, Xerox, Sybase and World Book today announced support for Rendezvous in current or future products.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "No one wants any one company to own or control the core networking technology for the home, school or office. Rendezvous is becoming a prime example of how open standards can drive innovation and quick adoption in a wide variety of products."

Rendezvous uses industry standard networking protocols and zero-configuration technology to automatically discover and connect devices over any IP network, including Ethernet and 802.11 wireless networking. Rendezvous was introduced as part of Mac OS X 10.2.

Gerard Kleisterlee, CEO of Royal Philips Electronics said: "Apple and Philips share a vision for the future. We both believe that consumers want devices throughout the home to talk to each other, so that, for example, the music stored in iTunes on your Mac can play through the Philips stereo system in your living room, or the photos stored in iPhoto can be displayed as a stunning slideshow on your Philips Flat TV. Rendezvous helps realize this dream. Philips will support Rendezvous in future Philips products."

Canon is building Rendezvous into the new Imageprograph W2200, W7200 and W7250 colour graphic and large-format network-enabled print products so they will automatically configure within office networks.

Xerox will be using Rendezvous in its Phaser network printers. Sybase is the first enterprise company to support Rendezvous technology, incorporating it into Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.

World Book’s new 2003 edition for OS X will take advantage of Rendezvous by allowing students to automatically share World Book research and bookmarks.

World Book executive vice president and publisher Michael Ross said: "Rendezvous is an incredible technology that’s clearly going to drive innovative new products for education."

Apple’s original Rendezvous partners include Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Lexmark, all of whom demonstrated rendezvous-enabled network laser printers at Macworld Expo New York, and which expect to launch such products next spring.