Runtime Revolution revealed new entry-level applications development solution, Dreamcard, at Apple Expo.

Dreamcard is described by the company as: "Ideal for educators, students, hobbyists, user interface professionals and for beginning to intermediate developers."

The environment includes a step-by-step video learning centre and a printable PDF library designed to help "anyone who can use a computer design their own software", the company said.

Dreamcard has been custom-built to allow its users to create multimedia, games and applications; to make professional-looking software and to help computer hobbyists learn and teach how a computer works.

HyperCard on steroids

Runtime Revolution CEO Kevin Miller said: "Dreamcard is the easy-to-use heir to HyperCard that everyone has been waiting for. Even better, the applications you create with it can be palyed back by anyone on any platform - Windows, Mac and Linux.

Dreamcard offers a visual way to create applications. Its users layout the content they need, adding text, images, buttons and Menus. They use cards to build the different screens they need, and stacks to create windows, palettes and dialogue boxes. Al basic components are pre-built. A scripting language then adds functionality and interaction between all the different features.

Once made, applications can be distributed to anyone who has the Dreamcard Player installed. The latter is available for multiple platforms.
A free trial of the application is available now. It costs £67 (excluding VAT).