Sonnet Technologies announced G5 Jive, its internal drive mounting system for Power Mac G5s at Apple Expo.

The G5 Jive lets Power Mac G5 users add up to three additional Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives to their Mac. As shipped, these Power Macs only offer support for two internal hard drives. Sonnet's product increases the maximum number of drives to five.

The kit consists of a custom metal base plate and mounting bracket, mounting screws, three internal SATA data cables, and a custom-designed 3-drive SATA power cable. G5 Jive mounts in the space at the bottom of the case beneath the optical drive and its installation has zero impact on PCI slots and adapter cards.

Using Mac OS X Disk Utility or third party software and multiple drives, users can create a striped (RAID 0) array or a mirrored (RAID 1) array for data security.

G5 Jive ships this month and costs $99.95.