TerraTec Electronic has launched its own AirPort Express-like product, offering extra features, including support for streaming songs straight off an iPod.

The company's NOXON 2 audio for Macs ships in October and will cost £129.99 (including VAT).

The product ships with El Gato's AV UPnP media streaming software EyeConnect, offering wireless access to iTunes music collections. Housed in a brushed-metal chassis the device boasts a display which will show what songs are playing and it also lets users navigate their collections from wherever they happen to be. A remote control is also included.

The product connects to an existing AirPort Extreme network, and carries a USB 2.0 interface. This means users have a choice: they can stream music directly from a Mac, or simply connect a USB 2.0-capable music player to the device.

It can handle all QuickTime-supported audio formats. The device can also go online without a Mac in order to explore Internet radio stations.