Matias Corporation is launching its USB 2.0-enabled keyboard in Europe at Apple Expo, Paris.

The keyboard offers iPod nano users a dedicated USB 2.0 Dock for their music players. The USB 2.0 Keyboard lets users plug such devices into their computers using a keyboard-mounted port - it's the only available so-enabled keyboard.

"Mac users have been plugging USB cables into their keyboards for years, but many newer devices require the higher speed of USB 2.0," said Vesna Vojnic, marketing director for Matias.

"iPods, USB flash drives, and newer digital cameras can take forever to transfer files if you don't have USB 2.0. Our new USB 2.0 Keyboard gives you transfer speeds up to 40 Times faster than regular USB keyboards."

The USB 2.0 Keyboard is available for both PC and Mac, in US, French, UK, and German layouts. It retails for
$39.95 or $49.95 with a two-button optical wheel mouse.