Wacom introduced at Apple Expo Paris beta-version support in its graphics tablets for Apple's Inkwell handwriting-recognition technology.

Inkwell lets users write wherever they wish on the screen, with recognised text flowing to the current insertion point as if typed on a keyboard. Wacom's implementation of Inkwell also lets command-key shortcuts be written with the pen, as well as being able to close and open windows, and control applications.

Inkwell is built on Apple's Recognition Engine. It offers a set of easy-to-learn gestures for carrying out common functions such as copy-&-paste and select-all. Wacom's implementation means the pen behaves like a mouse when in handwriting mode. The Recognition Engine can be fine-tuned for individual handwriting styles.

Other features of Wacom's implementation include using ink on a floating window to automatically insert text at the cursor. Floating windows can also be expanded to InkPad, a handy utility application. This offers additional features for writing and editing, such as alternate word lists and targeted gestures, and lets users draw quick sketches to paste into other applications.

Wacom has posted beta driver version 4.73-a3. It requires a USB-based Wacom tablet (PenPartner, Graphire, Graphire2, Intuos, Intuos2, PL-500 and Cintiq), and Mac OS X 10.2.