Wacom has launched its PL-500 interactive LCD-monitor and graphics tablet.

The tablet and display accepts commands from the pen input directly through a scratchproof screen. It offers a 1,024-x-768-pixel resolution with 24-bit colour depth.

The specs The PL-500 has a 15.1-inch display and a wider viewing-angle, higher brightness and improved contrast than its predecessor, the PL-400. The monitor has two output cables – one connects through a digital graphics-card with a DVI connection, and the other via a USB port. Both connections are needed for the device to work. The tablet comes bundled with Corel’s Painter Classic, which includes over 100 pressure-sensitive tools.

It has been designed for professional illustrators and designers. The pen is pressure and tilt sensitive. It has a built-in eraser tool and two built-in side switches that can be programmed to perform certain functions or to act as mouse buttons.

The product requires a USB Mac with a digital graphics card running Mac OS 8.51 or higher. It ships at the end of September and costs £2,190 from Computers Unlimited.